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Guide to buy Bitcoin from Reitano & use Bitcoin to invest in other altcoins on Bittrex

Guide to buy Bitcoin from Reitano & use Bitcoin to invest in other altcoins on Bittrex

The era of electronic money

You probably already know about Bitcoin (BTC), which is growing at a steady rate of $ 200- $ 300 a day, up to now it has risen to over $ 2,000 and is still heading up.

Take the easy to understand example: If you bought $ 5000 Bitcoin from 2 years ago, now you sell it you will be $ 50000 (x10 times)

I have given all the BTC away since the price of $ 1500, and I was not the BTC storage early. There is a lot of warning from reputable sources saying that 2017 is the boom year for BTC. However, because of lack of understanding, there is not much knowledge about this kind of money so I (and many others) gave up. Through a thousand golden opportunity.

Looks like I missed the opportunity from the BTC, but success came to me from altcoin (Common name of the electronic currency other than Bitcoin).

From the beginning of 2017, BTC increased rapidly. I think that the era of electronic money has come, if not grasp, it will regret long as BTC. I decided to learn more about this field and invest in some coin types that I think have the potential to increase.

The example of potential. A month ago, I spent $ 2,000 to buy VEM (a type of altcoin that I suppose potential), then the new price just moved more than $ 0.03. Updated: I sold NEM with interest X6 times.

You can check the progress, the daily data of any kind of coin

From the beginning, I determined the direction of long-term investment (long-term invest). In addition, we have taken the capital, earning very early thanks to the investment of some types of potential altcoin. And now I just take interest to invest further.

Many are blindfolded.

After the Bitcoin article is what many people are looking for (This article is the most read since the Bitcoin price skyrocketed), I have received many comments, inbox as:

“Someone asks me to play Bitcoin, invest in 100tr, 30% interest per month, should you believe it or not?”
“My dear, there is a company that is asking me to invest in the Bitcoin system, they will pay interest every month, I see Bitcoin prices are rising so fast,
… blah blah
I feel that there are quite a lot of people who are being driven by a lot of companies, who are driven by the lack of knowledge about electronic money, and who put people on a multi-level model, or Ponzi model, and get Bitcoin. To cover the eyes.

The core of those models is not the one you are investing in, you are joining their system, giving the money directly to them. They will take the money of the people to pay later. And they tell you to invite others into the system you get x% commission (super multi-level). and the M5 community are examples and have long since collapsed.

At some point, a number of people in the future is not enough for the first one again, you will see signs of payment delay 1 time & floor will collapse. Unfortunately for people who have not yet returned the funds, especially the new players will be completely empty and do not know who to recover the money lost.

Actually, many people do not know what bitcoin is, how to deal with it, how to create a wallet, etc., are blinded by the promise of “x% interest per month” and dashing in.

This article helps you do?

This article is not one secret of making money based on altcoin & I also absolutely do not advise you to invest types altcoin public at the present time, because it is an analysis of each individual investor.

Simply put, I just “save” those who want to invest in electronic money, but do not understand much about technology with simple guidelines that anyone can do. Include the following:

Buy Bitcoin: Of course, buy and store your own, do not have to join any multi-level system, the receiver, or fiduciary.
Use Bitcoin to buy Altcoin: You can research and buy altcoin on major trading floors in the world. I will take an example with Bittrex.
Totally only that, relatively easy but many people do not know, other people go fiduciary investment and redistribution percent, totally unworthy of the shoes and the risks are very high.

Buy Bitcoin at Reitano & post to Bittrex

After signing up Bittrex you log in, select Wallet to get your BTCX wallet address. Click on the (+) sign in front of Bitcoin to get your wallet address

You will see your BTC address on Bittrex, you will use this address to receive Bitcoin purchased from Reitano:

Remitano is a very exciting Bitcoin trading platform, mainly through VCB. When you finish creating your account, you will see many BTC sellers.

You fill the amount of BTC you want to buy, enter your Bittrex address above, then click BTC

You will have 15 minutes to transfer money to the seller, transaction information of the seller will appear. You transfer the correct account number, amount and write the correct transaction content.

After the transfer is complete you click I have sent enough money

You wait a moment, the seller will confirm, Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet in a few minutes.

Once the Bitcoin has been sent to your Bittrex wallet, you will be taken to the Bittrex Wallet section and will see the Pending Deposit screen showing the Bitcoin you have just transferred.

However, if you have not used it yet and have to wait 30p (When Confirmation 2/2), your new Bitcoin will be in your official ACCOUNT BALANCES, so you can use this BTC to buy other types of altcoin.

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