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As you also know when it comes to Optimized Optimized Posts for optimizing the search engine (SEO) on WordPress, then right now it’s Plugin Yoast SEO, this can be said Plugins that SEO people on WordPress does not have. Who does not know Yoast SEO has over 1 million installs and over 7000 satisfied users around the world, making it the best and most popular SEO plugin. world
Currently, the plugin is available in Yoast SEO (free) and Yoast SEO Premium (at $ 69 per website). For most casual users, Yoast Free SEO has full functionality. However, with some advanced users with higher demand, Yoast SEO Premium is fully meet


1. Install SEO Optimized Plugin Yoast SEO Premium

To install Yoast SEO Premium on your website, follow these steps
– Step 1: Click on the link at the bottom of the article to download Yoast SEO Premium on the computer
– Step 2: Log into WordPress, go to plugin area -> Add new
– Step 3: After the new Add Yoast SEO Premium download file has just downloaded
– Step 4: Upload Plugin and Activate
So with only 4 basic steps you can install Yoast SEO Premium on your website then

2.Introduction of the functions of SEO premium optimization Yoast SEO Premium

This function helps you navigate a link that does not exist or is not useful to users to a new link more useful to the user. It is very appropriate for you to delete an article on the website (the link of that article is still indexed by the Google when the user accesses the link but does not exist (Error 404) User) to another useful article for the user

This option will appear when you delete an article, or you can go to Admin> Yoast SEO Premium> Redirect to install
Here provide you with some optional options later. Depending on the purpose of your choice to suit you.
– 301: Moved permanently.
– 302: Found (Found)
– 307: Temporary redirect
– 410: Content deleted (Content deleted)
– 451: Content unavailable for legal reasons (Content available for legal reasons)

You can refer to the Common mistakes made when writing standard SEO by Yoast for more details.

Optimize SEO with many keywords at the same time

The function helps you optimize multiple keywords at the same time in one article by clicking on the + sign near the default keyword fill at the bottom of the article is able to add another keyword.The optimization of this keyword as well. The original keyword is no more difficult

However, you do not insert too many different keywords to optimize nhé.Vi you can write each keyword a different article, and the optimization of so many keywords so the article content will not. It is also attractive because you cram too many different keywords, causing a bad experience for users

Preview content when posting on social networks

With this function, you can preview how the article will appear when it is shared on social networks. Currently, the plugin supports only two of the world’s most popular social networks, Facebook, and Twitter.

Based on this preview, you can change the title, description tags, and avatars when a post is shared on a social network without affecting the title, description tag, avatar Write on Google.Quite interesting not you

Direct support from Yoast SEO Premium support team

By using Yoast SEO Premium you will be able to support any plug-in problem by email, 24/7 regardless of the time. This support is very helpful when during installation and using the bug fixer in A certain stage. However, only if you have bought the license key nhé.You share the Yoast SEO Premium but not directly supported.
In addition to using this plugin, you can create Geo Meta Tag for the website to better SEO. And if you do not know what Geo Meta Tag is, then visit the Geo Meta Tag Tag Guide for SEO Local

3 Conclude

The above are some of the advanced features in Yoast SEO Premium, with most popular users do not need a few of these functions very much.However, you have a higher demand for use and experience. Download offline
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